Do You Have A Pending Case In Court? Understanding Temporary Restraining Order And Associated Bonds

6 October 2022
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There are different types of bonds, including a TRO bond issued by a judge to forbid someone, a defendant, from engaging with someone else, a plaintiff. Abbreviated as TRO, the order is common in cases with elements of abuse and violence. If your case has these elements, here is everything you should know about TRO  

Why Would You Need the Court to Grant a TRO?

Sometimes, the nature of your ongoing case could result in you feeling threatened. In this case, if you are worried about your well-being, apply for a TRO to keep you and your property safe. 

The judge will have both parties present their arguments before granting it. Bonds then become a part of the issue since the judge will need proof of bond before issuing the injunction, which will restrict the defendant from specific actions.

The role of the bond is to ensure the plaintiff is financially responsible if the ruling doesn't favor them and afterward finds the TRO inappropriate. It guarantees that the plaintiff will pay damages if the ruling favors the defendant.

Step-by-Step Process for Getting a TRO

Getting a TRO can be quite a process. First, get a bondsman with a license to work with. Second, let them know you want a TRO, and they will give you an application. Fill out the details, which include your details, background, financial situation, and so on. 

Your bail bond agency will ask for proof in the form of a court order. Since TRO bonds add risk to the bondsman, you need to give additional documentation to support the TRO.

Third, the underwriters will review the documents and determine your premiums. How much you pay will depend on your credit risk and the bond needed. Most bail bond agencies will ask for collateral before paying your bond.

Lastly, as soon as you pay your premium, the bail bond agency will give you proof of the bond. You can present it in court to get your TRO approved. You will continue paying the premiums to the bondsman, and if the court rules in favor of the defendant, you will have to pay them.

Get Help From a Bondsman

You know the specifics of your case. So, if you believe you need a TRO, it is essential to act fast to protect yourself and your property by having proper protection. Work with a reputable bail bond agency to get a bond, and avoid getting buried in paperwork during the application process. 

For more information about bail bonds, contact a professional.