Borrow, Make Money, Repeat: The Cycle Of Investment Banking, And How It Works

31 March 2019
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Investment banking starts with an item for sale, usually a property or business. The investor borrows from the bank, and then the investor finds a way to make a profit as quickly as possible. The idea is to pay off the loan taken from the bank and pay as little interest as possible so that the investor can keep as much of the profit as he/she can. That is the basic explanation. Read More 

Tax Preparation And Planning Tips For Individuals

15 January 2019
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Taxes can be a source of intense and persistent stress for many people. However, managing your taxes does not have to be as difficult as you might assume. In particular, there are many strategies that can help you with both making your taxes easier to manage as well as reducing your overall tax burden. Consider Tax Implications of Major Purchases or Retirement Account Withdrawals Throughout the course of a year, you may be forced to make numerous major financial decisions and choices. Read More