How To Get Out Of Jail With No Money

6 January 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

One of the first things you will probably do after getting arrested is to look for a way to get out. Getting out of jail is vital if you have a job and a family, but how can you accomplish this if you have no money? There are options, and the main one is to call a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent might agree to pay your bond for you, even if you have no money. Here is how this works.

Locate a Local Bail Bond Agent

Unless you have the cash to use for your bail bond, you will need assistance to get out of jail. If you are looking for a way out of jail without any cash, the best solution you have is to contact a bail bond agent. When picking one, look for one near the jail. A local one will know the jail and the system and will be able to provide faster services to you. When you call, they will ask some questions, and you must be prepared to answer the questions. If you have a friend or relative call, make sure they know the answers to the agent's questions. The agent will need to know your full name, booking number, and jail name.

Contact Your Friends and Family for Help with Collateral

Next, you will need to contact your friends and family for help. Your friends or relatives will have to gather your collateral for you. Do you have valuable items at home that they could get and bring to the bail bond agent? If not, do they have items they are willing to use as your collateral? The bail bond agent will tell you how much collateral they need and the types they accept.

Provide the Collateral and Sign the Contract

Finally, you must supply the agent with the necessary collateral and sign a contract. Before signing the contract, read it to learn what it states. You must follow every rule listed in this agreement to avoid further problems. Breaking the contract can lead to consequences and many other issues down the road.

You can get out of jail without any money, but it might take supplying the agent with a lot of valuable collateral. If you have questions about the collateral types they accept or the costs of the services, contact your local bail bond agent today. Most bail bond agents offer 24-hour services every day of the week.

For more information on bail bonds, contact a local agency.