Some Things You Need To Know About How Trust Accounts Work

12 September 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Managing a trust can be complicated. There are many people who wonder what a trust even does and how it differs from other types of bank accounts. Here are some things that you should know about trust accounts.

Why Are Trust Accounts Favored?

Trust accounts are generally favored by accountants and attorneys because they have such great protection. When you create a trust, it protects your money and assets from lawsuits and from extra taxes. These trust accounts are like a secure box where you put all of your things so that if you end up having a problem, you know that the money in the trust is generally safe. Additionally, when you create a trust, you have a lot of control over how the money is used. For example, assume that you created a trust for a child. You can put stipulations on the trust so that they can only use the money for certain things, or after fulfilling specific requirements. For example, some parents make trust accounts for college tuition. The child can only use the tuition if they get certain grades, pass a drug test, and so forth. This allows parents to have control over their money even if they aren't living or aren't healthy enough to manage it.

Who Manages A Trust?

Usually there is a trustee that manages the money in the trust. This is generally someone who does not have a personal gain from the trust. However in some cases, the creator of the trust will make themselves or someone involved in the trust the trustee. It simply depends on the family dynamic, the reason for the trust, and other factors. When you create the trust, your attorney or accountant will discuss the risks and benefits with you of having certain people manage the trust.  

How Do I Pull From A Trust?

Lastly, if you have stake in a trust, you might be wondering how you pull from it. Usually, in order to pull from a trust account, you will need to get permission from the trustee. You will have to contact them about pulling something from the trust and in some cases provide some sort of documentation, and then once it is approved, you will get your money. Some trusts are very strict, and others just allow you to pull at the trustee approval. It all depends how it was organized.

These are just a couple things you need to know about how trust accounts work. To learn more, contact a company that specializes in trust management.