Tips for Opening a Firearms Merchant Account

27 January 2021
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If you have a firearms business that sells ammunition, guns, or both, then opening up a merchant account is a requirement. With it, you'll be able to process credit cards from customers. However, before you go to apply for a firearm merchant account, be sure to review these tips.  1. Legitimize Your Business If you want your application to a firearm merchant account to go through without any trouble, then you need to start legitimizing your firearms business. Read More 

How To Get Out Of Jail With No Money

6 January 2021
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One of the first things you will probably do after getting arrested is to look for a way to get out. Getting out of jail is vital if you have a job and a family, but how can you accomplish this if you have no money? There are options, and the main one is to call a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent might agree to pay your bond for you, even if you have no money. Read More 

Medical Billing Strategies For Coming Through With Collections

11 September 2020
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If you have a medical practice, you want it to thrive for many years to come. This is dependent on your ability to come through on collections as your medical practice is a business after all. You can improve your collection rate by taking advantage of the following medical billing strategies. Try Collecting Before Services Are Rendered There are some patients that lose incentive to pay on time if they've already received services. Read More 

5 Reasons To Hire A Money Management And Habit Coach

6 December 2019
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When you struggle to manage your finances and want to make smart money moves, you may need to look into getting outside help. When you keep making the same choices on your own, it's hard to get out of bad money habits. The good news is that there are money management and habit coaching professionals who can assist you in making better choices. Here are the reasons you should hire a money management and habit coach. Read More 

Small Business Loans: There Are Many Options

10 October 2019
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A small business loan isn't a term with a single meaning. Yes, it's a form of funding for a small business, but there are a variety of categories that make up this funding option. Before you apply for one of these financial products, it's a good idea to know what type of loan you need and qualify for.  Equipment Loan An equipment loan functions pretty much as it sounds, in that it is funding intended to help a business purchase additional equipment. Read More